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Hey guys! 
09:55am 25/09/2005
mood: crazy
Everybody look at of_fantasy! It's a really neat rating community for people who like fantasy movies. ^_______^

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02:05pm 11/05/2005
  Ah, the time-wasty-ness.

Name: Molli
Age: 15 years, 11 months, eight days
Phantom: Peter Hofmann
Favorite Phantom Movie: The 2004
Favorite Phantom Book: The original!
Why You Like Your Phantom: His voice is verrry sexy, he can be OMG scary, and...he's...with the...awesome
# of Times Seeing POTO (stage): Once. *sigh* It's going to be in Denver in late fall though, yay!

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Here's My Survey Thingy :D 
02:18pm 11/05/2005
  Name: Manda
Age: 21
Phantom: Hugh, Brad, Gary, and Ted Keegan
Favorite Phantom Movie: I like Lon Chaney but I like the '04 one too. :)
Favorite Phantom Book: The Original but Susan Kay is good too. Maskerade is funny. ;)
Why You Like Your Phantom: They've all got great voices and great personalities. Brad and Ted have Teh Hands XD
# of Times Seeing POTO (stage): Five :)

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08:21pm 10/05/2005
  Filling this out would be fun. It's certainly the most fun I've ever had, ever.

Favorite Phantom Movie:
Favorite Phantom Book:
Why You Like Your Phantom:
# of Times Seeing POTO (stage):

As the supreme ruler, I get the privilege to fill it out some other time when I feel like it.

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04:45pm 06/05/2005
mood: awake
Mmmkay me kiddies, even though there's only one of ye (not even me proposed modlies have joined!). I'm having an essay now, muahaha. Discussion question, anyone?

Erm... comment at least. Post on LJ if you wish to not be a party pooper. I have a party, you know.


"When did you first hear your Phantom? What do you like about them?"

Moi -

About a month before I actually got the CD, I was listening to bits and pieces of the German Cast Album online. (Mostly at amazon dot deutschland.) His voice had a haunting quality which attracted me immediately. The depth of emotion was beautiful. And in Notes I he was actually really, truly frightening! It's not really his voice, I think, but that. If that wasn't there, he'd sound like Michael Crawford singing in German. (No offense meant, MC fans, really, I'm sorry, MC is absolutely wonderful and great and worship-worthy DON'T HURT ME AGHHH!) His Musik der Nacht (I'm sure we can all guess what this means) is definitely trance-inducing.

That was way too short, but I'm a bit distracted. By the way, "he" is Peter Hofmann, the first Hamburg Phantom. Not to be confused with the original Vienna Phantom, who sings in German but is, in fact, in Vienna, located in Austria, where they also speak German. (I get confusion muchly O.O)

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02:55pm 13/04/2005
  Testing, testing, 123456789...  

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